Sunday, September 28, 2014


Went over to the model today and our SR was able to hook us up with a walk through of our house. A lot of work has been done in the last week. Paint, at least one coat is completed, as well as most of the trim work. Cabinets are installed, although one of them has a broken door. While we were walking through we also notice a lot of the recessed lights were in, and a few of the other lights. All the railings were in, not stained yet, and as I walked into the upstairs bathroom I was shocked to see the vanity mirror and lights were all in. The master bathroom also had the vanity and mirror installed. The tile was installed in both bathrooms as well.

Overall everything looked pretty good. There are a few minor things that will need to be addressed. It was so awesome to walk through the house, we've only been able to look through the windows lately. Walking through the future yard was cool also. I've already been looking at riding mowers as well as a new snowblower. There's going to be way too much snow to shovel being on a corner lot.

Here's some of the pics I took.


  1. Frank, this looks really great! It seems to be moving along really really quickly. We have our pre drywall on Thursday and I am ready to see some movement. I love the cabinets and was wondering if your drawers open in the bathroom? The model drawers don't open and I am curious...

  2. Thanks. The top drawers don't open, but the lower ones do.

  3. Frank looks awesome! Really starting to come together!

  4. Wow! Frank it's really looking great! Congrats!