Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A few new pics, and a tentative closing date.

Went by the house this evening and took a couple of new pictures. Yesterday we found out that the hay and grass seed had been sprayed, and they put our mailbox out front. They also installed our outdoor light fixtures and outlets.

Today when I went by I noticed the A/C unit was in, and could see our ceiling fan in the family room. There were workers doing there thing so I just looked from the street. Another cool thing I noticed was that there are now stop signs and street signs in the neighborhood.

We also got word that our settlement date is tentatively scheduled for November 19th. Not really sure why it's not until late November, when our PM has us scheduled for pre-settlement walk through on October 23rd. I guess the house will sit there done for almost a month. Maybe settlement will get moved up, but i'm not getting my hopes up. Knowing the house will be finished is going to be torture.

As promised here are some new pics.


  1. Oh man that would seriously be torture... I'm crossing my fingers that you will be in faster!

  2. Nice! Our tentative date was Sept 30th. Its was about 2 1/2 weeks after the pre settlement meeting. I know there's 17 closings by the end of December so maybe that's why also. We we're told by the title company they set the date. Frank it's the worst knowing the house is done your right. Absolute torture is right. Our New date for sure is Oct. 20th. unless we get it pushed up. House looks great!

  3. It definitely sucks to have to wait any longer than we already have.

    Frank I was thinking of you guys as I was posting my update. Every time we ride over and see your house sitting there, we think of you guys and your situation. I think it's worse for the people like us, and you, who signed their contracts so early.

    On the plus side we did get to see every step of the process.