Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One more change.

Been a while since I've posted, but there really hasn't been much happening, other than waiting. The model in our community is now opened, so we had to go check it out. They put a Venice in for the model. It's a beautiful house, but I still like the Florence better.

Going through the model was last Friday. Prior to this we hadn't seen anything going on in the area where our lot is. We're still waiting for the road to go in, so all the homes in our section can be started. Phase one has every homesite under construction, the rest of us are waiting.

Fast forward to Monday. The wife and I decide to take another ride by, before I went to work. To our surprise there was some activity going on down near our lot. The workers had a large trench dug, and they were installing water pipes. There were also pipe sections laid out all around phase two, as well as fire hydrants stacked up for installation. We took another ride by yesterday to check on the progress, and just watched them for a little while. This was the most action we've seen since the belgian block went in back in April.

Yesterday afternoon my wife took her mother to see the model. While they were in the basement my wife was showing her mom some of our selections, and noticed they had a new countertop available. We have always planned on doing the included laminate countertop, with the plan of replacing it with granite or quartz later. My wife always hated the choice we had, and has been hell bent on saving money to be able to replace the countertops. After seeing that there was a new choice, one that she really liked too, she asked the sales rep if there was anyway we could change our countertop selection. We had already put in our final change order at least a month ago. The sales rep said we can put it in, and it should go through, but there's always a chance it won't get approved. So back to the model and sales office this morning to sign another change order.

Here's the countertop with the cabinets we're getting. The countertop is called Ivory Kashmire.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Poop Happens!

Nothing really new to report, but we took a ride over to the homesite this morning just out of curiosity. It's almost a daily thing, being we live so close. Decided to take the dog with us, and give her a little walk. Wouldn't you know it she walks right up to the curb where our driveway will be, and continues through to where our future backyard is, and proceeds to do her business. My wife and I couldn't stop laughing. It was as if she knew that this is where she was going to be living. No pics, but i'm sure no one minds.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Something new.

Took a ride over to the neighborhood this morning, and saw that all the homesite markers were up. There was also a lot of dirt that had been moved around. Our lot had been flattened out pretty good too.
Took a pic of us in front of the sign.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving out and closing.

Moved out of our old house this past Saturday, and into the mother in-laws house. The move was uneventful, so nothing really to say there. Living in someone else's house is the strangest thing. I don't feel settled at all. Hopefully that feeling will pass, but talking with a coworker who has been doing the same for the past year, it might not. I'll update this part later.

On Tuesday we had closing on our old house, and for the first time in thirteen years I am no longer a homeowner. My wife and I went over to the sales trailer after closing, and gave them our final deposit. We are also officially off contingency as well!  Took a ride out to PA. also, to a Ryan community with a reverse plan Florence as the model. I can finally picture the correct layout of the house.

Not too much going on over in the neighborhood, which isn't surprising with the rain we had over the past two days. Looking forward to the road going in, so construction can begin in our area, hopefully soon.

Hopefully i'll have more news soon.