Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A few new pics, and a tentative closing date.

Went by the house this evening and took a couple of new pictures. Yesterday we found out that the hay and grass seed had been sprayed, and they put our mailbox out front. They also installed our outdoor light fixtures and outlets.

Today when I went by I noticed the A/C unit was in, and could see our ceiling fan in the family room. There were workers doing there thing so I just looked from the street. Another cool thing I noticed was that there are now stop signs and street signs in the neighborhood.

We also got word that our settlement date is tentatively scheduled for November 19th. Not really sure why it's not until late November, when our PM has us scheduled for pre-settlement walk through on October 23rd. I guess the house will sit there done for almost a month. Maybe settlement will get moved up, but i'm not getting my hopes up. Knowing the house will be finished is going to be torture.

As promised here are some new pics.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Went over to the model today and our SR was able to hook us up with a walk through of our house. A lot of work has been done in the last week. Paint, at least one coat is completed, as well as most of the trim work. Cabinets are installed, although one of them has a broken door. While we were walking through we also notice a lot of the recessed lights were in, and a few of the other lights. All the railings were in, not stained yet, and as I walked into the upstairs bathroom I was shocked to see the vanity mirror and lights were all in. The master bathroom also had the vanity and mirror installed. The tile was installed in both bathrooms as well.

Overall everything looked pretty good. There are a few minor things that will need to be addressed. It was so awesome to walk through the house, we've only been able to look through the windows lately. Walking through the future yard was cool also. I've already been looking at riding mowers as well as a new snowblower. There's going to be way too much snow to shovel being on a corner lot.

Here's some of the pics I took.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Electric, cabinets, and grading.

Friday we got our weekly update from our PM. He said drywall was finished and we were scheduled for paint this week. I took a drive by on Sunday to see if I could see anything different from the last time we were there. When I pulled up I immediately noticed a trench had been dug from the sidewalk to the side of the house near the electric meter. I was cautiously optimistic when I saw that, hoping that we would get our utilities ran soon. We have seen at least one house in the neighborhood that had a trench like this for more than a week with nothing being done. As our PM said, the drywall was complete.
Yesterday my wife and I really didn't plan on riding by the house, but we happened to be over that way, so why not take a look. As we drove down the main street leading to our house I could see a truck with that familiar paint job of the local utility company. We just did a quick drive by, but could see the guys were installing the meter on the side of the house. AWESOME! The one big thing that could delay the completion of the house was now being completed.
Today was another day we hadn't planned on visiting the site, and that almost happened. I got a call from one of the guys at work this morning wanting to know if i had a particular sized socket he could borrow. I know I had one, but this meant going over to the storage unit to get it. On the way back I figured, hey the house is less than a half mile down the road, so why not go take a look. I pulled in and saw the trench was all filled in. There was also a bulldozer doing some grading. They were finally working on taking down this large mound of dirt in the back corner of our lot. I went down the street a little bit and turned around to leave, but I decided to take a quick picture with my phone. While I was doing that a worker happened to see me sitting there and said hi. I had seen this guy around and knew he was working with our PM. He explained he's our PM's trainee. Very nice guy and was able to give me an update of what was going on. Surprisingly he said they were installing cabinets today. I couldn't believe it. He did say it makes more work for the painter, but they spoke to him and he said it's fine he'll just mask everything when he paints.

Wifey took a ride by this evening to check it, and sent me a few pics. Here ya go.

This was from the other day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drywall being installed.

Just wanted to post a quick update. They started installing our drywall yesterday. My wife and I took a drive over to the park that backs up to the development, so we could take the dog for a walk. This also gives an excuse to walk past the house and see what's going on, like we need an excuse. As we're walking up our new street we could see a couple of vans parked out front, so we knew some work was being done. It was about 6:30pm and the guys were still hard at work hanging the drywall. Not wanting to be in the way we just looked in the windows from the street. It looked like they were making great progress. From what we could see, most of the downstairs area was complete, and at least some of the upstairs too. The garage was complete, other than the ceiling. A couple of other things we noticed were that our gutters and downspouts had been installed, and the sidewalk was poured. I really couldn't get any pics with the workers still there, but when I get them i'll post them. Now that it's getting dark earlier, and the workers stay until close to 7pm it's harder to get in when they're not around.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Woke up yesterday morning and headed over to the homesite for our pre-drywall meeting. Our PM drove up shortly after we arrived, and we got to it. The meeting was pretty straight forward. We made sure all of our add on recessed light fixtures were in the correct spots, they were. We also made sure Guardian put their stuff in the right spots, they got it almost right. We opted to have the pre-wiring for surround sound in the basement, and one of the locations was incorrect, ok not too bad. Overall everything looked good to us. I think reading through so many blogs gave us a good idea of things to look for during the walk through.

Our Pm told us our Pre-settlement walk through is scheduled for October 23rd, which actually doesn't feel that far off. He mentioned, as i've seen in other blogs, that the biggest thing that can hold us up right now is the local utility company. In fact he has one home that he's lost ten days on so far due to lack of utilities. Hoping we don't run into that issue. As I mentioned in my last post we have a driveway, well as we were making our way out of the garage a worker pulled up in a back-hoe and started digging the area between the driveway and the curb for the sidewalk. The wife and I took a ride over today to see if the sidewalk had been poured, but it wasn't, all the forms were in place though. We'll check back Monday afternoon.

I'll end this with some pictures, Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

First pic is from the basement near the furnace.
Next two are of the second bathroom upstairs. First one is from inside the bathroom, you can see the loft on the other side of the tub. The second pic is from the master bedroom closet, looking in.

From one of the second floor bedrooms, looking towards the master bathroom.
 This one is from inside the powder room looking into the family room.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pre-drywall scheduled.

Got an email from our PM this morning asking if we were available Monday for our pre-drywall meeting. I was so happy. It was starting to seem like there wasn't much happening. I'm sure this happens to a lot of people once you stop seeing the obvious outside changes, like framing, siding, etc... I answered his email immediately, and told him yes we'd be available Monday but not until the afternoon. Then I took a shot in the dark to see if we could get in earlier. I told him I was going to be off from work tomorrow, and I would also be around until noon on Friday. Wifey's schedule is very flexible because she works from home, so basically when i'm available, so is she. About a half an hour later I get a reply asking if 9:30 on Friday was ok. You bet it is! I guess my idea worked out, so just remember to ask, otherwise the answer will definitely be no.

We had taken a ride by this morning too, and noticed a couple of new things. First, we have a driveway! We almost didn't notice, because you get so used to looking at the house. They also started installing street lights, and some more sidewalk was going in. That's all for now, i'll have pics and an update sometime on Friday after the meeting.