Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Electric, cabinets, and grading.

Friday we got our weekly update from our PM. He said drywall was finished and we were scheduled for paint this week. I took a drive by on Sunday to see if I could see anything different from the last time we were there. When I pulled up I immediately noticed a trench had been dug from the sidewalk to the side of the house near the electric meter. I was cautiously optimistic when I saw that, hoping that we would get our utilities ran soon. We have seen at least one house in the neighborhood that had a trench like this for more than a week with nothing being done. As our PM said, the drywall was complete.
Yesterday my wife and I really didn't plan on riding by the house, but we happened to be over that way, so why not take a look. As we drove down the main street leading to our house I could see a truck with that familiar paint job of the local utility company. We just did a quick drive by, but could see the guys were installing the meter on the side of the house. AWESOME! The one big thing that could delay the completion of the house was now being completed.
Today was another day we hadn't planned on visiting the site, and that almost happened. I got a call from one of the guys at work this morning wanting to know if i had a particular sized socket he could borrow. I know I had one, but this meant going over to the storage unit to get it. On the way back I figured, hey the house is less than a half mile down the road, so why not go take a look. I pulled in and saw the trench was all filled in. There was also a bulldozer doing some grading. They were finally working on taking down this large mound of dirt in the back corner of our lot. I went down the street a little bit and turned around to leave, but I decided to take a quick picture with my phone. While I was doing that a worker happened to see me sitting there and said hi. I had seen this guy around and knew he was working with our PM. He explained he's our PM's trainee. Very nice guy and was able to give me an update of what was going on. Surprisingly he said they were installing cabinets today. I couldn't believe it. He did say it makes more work for the painter, but they spoke to him and he said it's fine he'll just mask everything when he paints.

Wifey took a ride by this evening to check it, and sent me a few pics. Here ya go.

This was from the other day.


  1. Wow Frank!!! Looks great. I love your cabinets. I can't wait to see your house completed!

  2. Wow! Looking good! It's nice to see things get graded! And we were stressing too about the utilities - glad yours are installed :)

  3. So so exciting!!!! Can't wait to see the kitchen. :)

  4. Thanks guys. The painter's van was out front this morning, and they were still grading the yard.
    Can't wait to see it completed.

  5. Your community looks so dreamy! Love your cabinets, just beautiful.

  6. Everything looks awesome! Our home has been painted and cabinets have been added but they're locking the door at night now so we can't see! It's torture!