Thursday, October 9, 2014


I had to go to Texas for work, so I haven't been by the house since Saturday. I got home yesterday, so the wife and I had to take a ride by so I could see the progress. While I was away she kept me updated, but it's not the same, as i'm sure many of you know. In my absence, the carpet was installed, as well as the countertops. Yesterday we pulled up to the house and saw that our landscaping was done too. They put several small plants in the front, and also on the side of the house. We drove around the neighborhood, and pulled up the side street towards the back of the house, and saw two trees had been planted in our side yard. We got out to take a closer look, but couldn't figure out what kind they were. A couple of the plants out front had tags on them so we could see what they were. Several white azaleas, and a few others we weren't sure of. It looked great, and can't wait to see it next spring, when they flower.

As far as the inside stuff, I was only able to look through a couple of windows, because the place was locked. From what I could see the carpet looked good, but i'm not sure I really like the countertops. We just got the laminate thinking we would swap out for granite or quartz after we moved in, so I guess it's not too big a deal. I don't know maybe i'll like them better when I can see them without having to peek through a window. That's all for now. Here are a couple of pics of the outside.


  1. Looking good Frank! I agree, it's never the same if you can't see it yourself. I have to travel for work too from time to time and always love getting to come back and see all of the progress! Hooray for landscaping - you're getting so close to being done!!!

  2. Looks great! We had our landscaping done this past week as well! It really makes it look like a home!