Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One more week!

Closing is scheduled for next Wednesday at 10am. It feels like we have so much still to do. I spoke to our mortgage processor last week, and she mentioned an inquiry letter that we would have to go over. She also mentioned that our info would be going to the closing department, and we would be hearing from them as well. It's now one week from closing and we haven't heard a thing from either of them. The last thing I want is for something to delay our closing. I did send an email this morning, and will give it until this afternoon for a response before I call. One other thing, I wasn't able to get the day off from work, so i'll be going to closing and then to work, kinda sucks, but I need the job to pay for the house.

Moving on. I talked with the gas and electric company, and set up our account. Guardian will be coming the morning after closing to set up the alarm system, and bedroom furniture will be delivered sometime that day. The movers are set for Saturday the 22nd. Hoping for good weather that day, at least no rain, looks like it will be a bit cold.  I've started thinking about everything we'll be doing once we close. It feels a bit overwhelming if I think about all of it at once, but i've tried making a mental list of how i'm going to approach it.

While we've been waiting to go to settlement, and even over the summer, my wife has been trying to find a new sofa and love seat. We spent several weekends going to every furniture store around. Carolyn finally decided on a set a couple of weeks ago. She then started looking for curtains and area rugs, and yesterday made her choices. I'll post the pics of the sofa and love seat, but don't have pictures of the curtains. Once they're hung, i'll post some pics.

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  1. Ohhh guys are super close now! Hopefully, you have heard back and everything is smooth sailing. It seems like there is always some minor glitch that comes up at the last minute.

    First, I must admit I am a huge fan of grey! I love the furniture selections. These are pieces you could easily 'dress-up' or 'dress-down' for the occasion. I'm so excited for you all and I look forward to the rest of the decor selections.