Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We had our settlement this morning at 10am.  The office is about 45 minutes from my mother in-laws, and traffic getting down there can be pretty bad sometimes, so we left early. We decided to leave around 8am, and hit one of the diners down there for breakfast. Get to the title agency, go in, sign a crap load of papers, and walked out homeowners.

I had to go to work not long after closing, so I only got to do a quick walk through. We dropped a couple of things off, and I was off to work. I've been getting updates from my wife all day. She unrolled her new area rug, which is not exactly flat right now, but i'm sure it will be after a while. She also picked up her drawer and cabinet pulls, and when I leave work i'm going to head over and start installing them. Curtain rods were supposed to be delivered today, so that might be a project for us in the morning while we wait for Guardian and bedroom furniture delivery. Movers are scheduled for Saturday, and when I get a chance i'll update with pics.


  1. Thanks guys! Moving day is tomorrow.

  2. Hooray! Hope ya'll are settling in nicely!!!

    1. It's getting there LuLu, thanks. I should have an update in the next day or two.