Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving out and closing.

Moved out of our old house this past Saturday, and into the mother in-laws house. The move was uneventful, so nothing really to say there. Living in someone else's house is the strangest thing. I don't feel settled at all. Hopefully that feeling will pass, but talking with a coworker who has been doing the same for the past year, it might not. I'll update this part later.

On Tuesday we had closing on our old house, and for the first time in thirteen years I am no longer a homeowner. My wife and I went over to the sales trailer after closing, and gave them our final deposit. We are also officially off contingency as well!  Took a ride out to PA. also, to a Ryan community with a reverse plan Florence as the model. I can finally picture the correct layout of the house.

Not too much going on over in the neighborhood, which isn't surprising with the rain we had over the past two days. Looking forward to the road going in, so construction can begin in our area, hopefully soon.

Hopefully i'll have more news soon.


  1. What side of PA? My community has a reverse Ryan as the model!

  2. Welcome to the family of current Ryan builders! I grew up in northern Jersey, very fond memories.

    Selling your home and moving in with relatives is super tough. We've been living with my sister since our house closed in March. Although she's been very welcoming and accommodating, it's hard having people in your space ... and it's hard not having your own space. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks for the reply, and welcome!
      We're coming up on four weeks now with my mother in-law, and it's gotten a bit better. Still don't have that feeling of being in our own place, but we've seemed to get into a groove here. The biggest difference is not having my own kitchen, and knowing where everything is. We are hanging in there, and when we see progress over in the development it really helps.

      Thanks for the support and following my blog.