Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting there.

A little more progress. Looks like all the windows are in, the roof trusses over the garage are in, and stairs from the garage leading into the laundry room were built. They also put the roof on the morning room. Looks like the roof sheathing will be next. There was also a pile of shingles out front.

Not long after we got home last night we got a call from the Guardian rep. He said he needed to schedule a walk through with us for the placement of our selections. We were blown away that this was happening already, so Friday evening we'll be walking through seeing where our cable hookups will be. That's all for now.

First pic is looking into the garage.


  1. Your pictures make me want to just leave work and go see my house right now! haha! So far our homes have been pretty much on the exact schedule so I'm hoping ours is looking as good as yours is right now!

    So exciting!

  2. Looks great! The way your house sits on your lot is just perfect! Your Florence looks so big, I'm tempted to walk outside and look at mine hahaha! I love how it looks with all the extra windows, regret not getting more now

  3. Thanks guys, they really do move fast. I should have an update tomorrow evening.

  4. Wow! It looks great!!! Glad things are moving so quickly!