Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fast movers!

Took a ride over to see the progress on our house this morning. We really weren't sure what we'd see when we got there. My wife thought they might be working on the house across the street, so we didn't expect much. To our surprise, it looked like they had most of the floor joists in, and were laying down the OSB for the floor. We decided to sit and watch for a little while. After sitting there for about ten minutes or so, I noticed a couple of the guys grabbing a wall section. We couldn't believe it! We were actually going to see them put the first wall section in place! Of course we grabbed the camera and the phone to start getting pictures. After setting this one section in place, they put in one more section. I really wanted to just call out of work and sit there all day and watch. Being that I need the job to get the house, we left.

Later in the afternoon my wife went by and gave me a progress report. A good portion of the downstairs walls were up. It's really taking shape now.

Just past the dumpster you can see the first wall section in place.

Had to add one more pic.


  1. Frank- that's awesome! My husband probably would have called in... Lol. I hope we get to see the walls go up! You are moving so fast! Looks great.

  2. What a beautiful day it was there! It's going to come together so fast!! I'm so excited for you. I love how you said you have to have the job to get the house... WHY MUST THAT BE REAL LIFE?! ;) Because I would so rather skip work as well and sit and watch the progress that is taking place in our area too. Oh well.. anyway, so excited for you guys!

  3. Woohoo! Looking great! They apparently started framing our home yesterday too (I thought it would have been done Monday or Wednesday but I was a little off). Nice to see how fast they put these babies together!

  4. Thanks guys! Getting ready to take the morning ride over, and check the progress.

  5. So exciting to see walls go up! We are obsessively visiting our build as well - can't wait to see what happened over the last 2 days!