Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gettin Diggy With It!

We finally have broken ground on our new Florence. This seems like it's been the longest two weeks ever. Of course we've been going over everyday and seeing nothing, but Tuesday we had a partial hole. Came back yesterday in the afternoon after leaving work, and saw much larger piles of dirt. There was a pickup sitting in front of our future driveway so we parked around the corner, and got out to take a closer look. Walking towards the hole we saw a guy down inside with a set of plans marking stuff out on the ground. Not wanting to be in the way we decided to leave and come back later in the evening. When we came back, around 6pm, we were able to get a good look at what was going on. To our surprise all the wood forms for the footings were in place. It was great to finally see the layout of our home, and man it looks small. I know this is just an optical illusion because we felt the same way when we saw the footings for our neighbors Rome across the street from us.

Now that we've finally got this underway i'm sure there's going to be something new everyday. It seems that the average time from footings to framing has been around two weeks, but there are still little things that have to be done during that time period, like waterproofing the basement, and pouring the basement and garage slabs. I'll update as we go.

Here's a pic of the hole and forms for the footings.

One more.


  1. Awesome that's cool you guys will be where we are in no time. Frank I agree about an optical illusion about the size. Frank I have no clue how to post a video but I have one of them digging your house. I was going after taking my son to daycare and they were digging so I figured I'd take a quick video if you didn't have one.

    1. Frank, that's awesome! I don't know how to post a video either, other than on youtube. Carolyn is so happy you got some video for us. I'll try and figure out how to post it.